Sticky post Anglo opposition city counselor in Longueuil Quebec treated like a dog

When Bob Myles entered his office today he was greeted with a cruel reminder of the bigotry often shown to minorities in Quebec.
Upon entering his office today Mr Robert Myles was greeted with a desk adorned with packages of dog food, a woof sign and a French-English dictionary. Mr. Myles a fluently bilingual opposition councillor did not take this as a joke, but as part of the disrespect Anglo’s are consistently being shown by the administration of former Bloc MP, Caroline St.Hilaire.
The City of Longueuil refused to condemn this action or comment. Please remember that it was the City administration that denied Myles office space last week. This is a deep affront to the both democracy and the Anglo fact in Quebec.
The anglophone and allophone communities have been subjected to numerous instances of racism, bigotry and religious intolerance over the past year due to the PQ’s divisive policies. Never have we as a community been degraded to such an extent as to have one of our democratically elected opposition counselors be treated like a DOG.
We ask that this action be condemned and all individuals responsible be dealt with in a swift manner.
Bob Myles is quickly becoming an icon and a rallying point for democracy and diversity in an increasingly hostile Quebec. We ask that everyone stand behind Mr. Bob Myles in condemning this degrading display of injustice which threatens our democracy in Quebec

Sticky post The True Enemy of Quebec

PictureThe rest of Canada is waking up. Marois xenophobic dance with the secular charter flies in the face of inclusion and of course multicultural so intrinsic in Canadian society. French Quebecers who have had strong Federalist leanings will now start to support her in this effort. She will wave the fear of others and whip Quebec into a paranoid frenzy. She will recall the oppression that Quebec faced under the iron rule of Church, conveniently forgetting the well from which the Church was drawn.

The battle is starting, the PQ has played their hand brilliantly. Bill 14 will become law on the edge of this bizarre dance into a secular whirlwind. The world will look at Quebec, as mad and as ill advised. But in the end this is a well played chess hand, with Marois and her ilk knowing full well the tribal tendencies and ingrained gut reflex about cultural preservation that lies in the souls of the Quebecois.

It is sad, it is unfortunate that Quebec still dances to the same tune that it did while under the domination of the Church. The players are still the same, but the pied pipers have taken off their roman collars, habits and soutanes, now they now don business attire as they strive to manipulate and cajole. Allophones will realize there is little place for them and like their Anglo brothers and sisters before them and get out of dodge.

At one time Montreal was a vital, brilliant city. Built on the backs of the Irish, Scot and French, it was a dynamic, beautiful and magical place. It is now being killed. It will be re-invented but it will have no soul, no energy. Mary Queen of Peace and Norte Dame will become idle museums. The vitality of a multicultural city will go away replaced by a bland and singular culture who will have purposefully erased their history by one of the most odd cases of social engineering ever put into play.

The true enemy in Quebec has always been those who have aspired and attempted to be the elites. Getting there not through success in commerce, or through personal accomplishment but by brandishing that tool that has always seemed to work, the fear of those who are not like you.

You can call it what you want, but in the end its cultural genocide and a pogrom.

Bill Dever
PBTF Member and Blogger
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LaRousse War of Words?

PictureA few weeks ago we featured an advertising campaign by LAROUSSE that had Pauline Marois sandwiched between Karl Marx and Bob Marley see HERE

Today one of our members snapped this picture at Berri metro. It reads Bienvenue aux CHIALEUX et aux CHIALEUSES.  In English (Welcome complainers).

Coincidence? Do you feel this was directed at us?

I am 58 years old and have lived my entire life here in Montreal. I lived through the F.L.Q crisis and through countless referendums.

I even made it through the Rene Lévesque era. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would live long enough to witness such a disgrace as the one being perpetrated by Pauline Maoris.

I remember not too long ago in the late 30’s and early 40’s when there was this little man named Adolf Hitler.

He too perceived a threat from a race of people that he thought were a threat to the German culture.

In fact he referred to the this particular nation of people as Rats that need to be exterminated.

Is Pauline Mario trying to do the same with the English speaking population in Quebec ? –

Martin R.

Ricardo Cuisine

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What People Are Saying

Quebec (THE PROVINCE) is a done deal. As far as what the French “powers that be” want of it, it is A DONE DEAL.

They WILL NEVER accept less and take any steps backwards as far as rights for English in that province.

They want a “utopian land” free from anyone that is not a pure laine, and they are doing everything in their power to make it difficult for anyone else to live in that province and ultimately MAKE THIS DREAM of the French ONLY STATE OF QUEBEC happen.

And, just like a cancer or a gangrenous appendage will kill the host body if not removed. If we foolishly keep “trying” to appease these Xenophobes from this province of Quebec will eventually do the same to Canada.

We MUST cut our losses and ACCEPT THE FACT that they do not want anything to do with the English language, the English people or the English culture.

They have proven that whenever they gain a majority in numbers (the province of Quebec) and Eastern, Ontario outside of the province of Quebec the “prescription” changes from the made up concept of “bilingualism” and turns into French first, French dominant and French ONLY.

Montreal was such a successful city with much manufacturing, numerous head offices, Montreal Stock Exchange and all of the big banking headquarters on St. James St. Look at it now! broken water pipes, sinking roadways, falling pavement on overpasses, contractors giving up their projects, unfinished motorway to “Dorval International Airport”, constant orange cones on just about every routing, the ever-in-repair Mercier bridge and a population which shows such a disdain for anything English be they locals or tourists, policemen, bus drivers, ticket vendors, etc. who think that they are superior because they are French!!!

Agreed. Why are my tax dollars going to support immigrants and their families who have lived here less than 6 years and they are getting more monthly allowance then my parents who have lived and worked here for over 45 years. Yes, I’m an immigrant from that same part of the world that you mentioned but we didn’t get any handouts and had to make our own way in life for at least the first 6 years. We “became Canadian” by shedding our birthplace identity as it was NOT a country that was kind and accommodating to us. We adopted Canada in all our ways,some we knew and already practiced before coming here. All this to say, if you leave your country then you leave your language, your dress, and your politics or at the very least you should NEVER try to recreate your old country within another’s’ country. Go back home if you liked it that much! We left because we wanted something better not because we wanted to change what is here to what he had there.

Famous Quebec Youtubers Influencers

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Canada is Changing

The world is ever so changing but it is the laws we must defend, I know in the past the Muslims where trying to say they want their own courts but I would never force upon that they can’t use their language at the office in a general conversation but it would be disrespectful at a meeting some started to speak their own language. But I had a friend from India and from Iran they completely integrated fantastically to our way of life in Canada back in the 80’s but it seems when you have larger population you get into trouble . As the moment employment is down and growth how much do you want to grow ? Let’s look at more stability first.

There is no need to have anymore immigrants coming to Canada, and all that fled out west to work in Alberta those days can come to an end when all the infrastructure they need is completed. Different countries say we are not doing enough concerning immigration I say screw them. Look at Europe and the mess there in. Muslims in the UK Marching down the streets telling residents they are infidels and under-dressed , that is right in the UK ! . The immigrants today that come to Canada don’t have the same attitude like they used to have I have to admit that but that is also Canada Immigration not doing their jobs properly plus doing research who will make good Canadians ( concerning in integration ).

Protect the Canadian laws and make sure no religion cant infiltrate them. And give it time for their society to immigrate. But do we need to be always open handed in the world the answer is no.. Besides we have to worry about exceeding population and pollutions as well. Other then that I have many friends of different cultures and they great people.

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What if Canada Adopted Their Own Bill 101?

Imagine for a moment, Canada put into place their own “Charter of the English Language” due to a growing perceived threat nationally that English was on the decline and warranted protection in Canada.

Canada being surrounded in a sea of Mandarin and Hindi (nearly 3 billion) and Canada’s population at a mere 35 million, we definitely need a law to protect our national language (Canadian English) which is on the decline. For example, cities such as Vancouver have increasingly become more “Mandarin” and cities such as Toronto, have intolerable amounts of Hindi speakers. This needs to STOP. Our solution is to create the “Charter of the English Language.”

The Charter of the English Language will ensure that the English Canadian language version is protected and that anyone living in Canada will speak OUR national language. A language police will be formed. Businesses not conforming, who continue to put up signs containing any other language than Canadian English, will be fined accordingly. Our agents will come into these businesses, photograph/measure all “offending signs” and promptly send a letter asking these businesses to conform to the English language Charter. Store owners will also be encouraged in areas where these languages are spoken, to put up stickers in their windows that read, “Here we shop in English.”

If any of the businesses have trademark names we suggest the following: Adding an English word in front of the sign to make it clear, and in order to limit the risk of Mandarinizing/Cantonizing or Indianizing our language:

Won Ton Soup = Chinese Meat Filled Noodles In Soup

Chow Mein = Stir-fried Chinese Noodles with meat and shrimp

Dim Sum = “Chinese Breakfast” or “Chinese Brunch”

Samosa = “Indian meat/vegetable-filled pastry”

Gulab Jamun = “Syrupy Ball Dessert”

Occasionally these laws may cause Anglophone employees and population to beat up, egg, and refuse to serve the minorities in these cities. But please understand that in general, these are isolated incidents and these “victims” would be better off learning the English National language to avoid offending the population. We are in Canada after all so it is only normal they learn our language. When in Germany, we speak German, right? When in Italy, we speak Italian? So why not speak OUR national language which is Canadian English.

As a matter of fact, we believe that the law is not strong enough and needs more bite. No anglophone Canadian should be taking courses that teach Mandarin/Cantonese or Hindi languages (even as adults), unless one of their parents were native Mandarin or Hindi. We would also like to grant judicial powers to our language minister responsible for the English language to have the power to subpoena and charge any offenders with contempt who refuse to comply with the language law.

These measures need to be put into place ASAP or we risk being assimilated by the Chinese and Indian population. Our national language needs protection.

Sounds very racist doesn’t it? Would this be accepted in Canada? Of course not.

So why is it currently being accepted in Quebec?

End language discrimination in Quebec :