Canada is Changing

The world is ever so changing but it is the laws we must defend, I know in the past the Muslims where trying to say they want their own courts but I would never force upon that they can’t use their language at the office in a general conversation but it would be disrespectful at a meeting some started to speak their own language. But I had a friend from India and from Iran they completely integrated fantastically to our way of life in Canada back in the 80’s but it seems when you have larger population you get into trouble . As the moment employment is down and growth how much do you want to grow ? Let’s look at more stability first.

There is no need to have anymore immigrants coming to Canada, and all that fled out west to work in Alberta those days can come to an end when all the infrastructure they need is completed. Different countries say we are not doing enough concerning immigration I say screw them. Look at Europe and the mess there in. Muslims in the UK Marching down the streets telling residents they are infidels and under-dressed , that is right in the UK ! . The immigrants today that come to Canada don’t have the same attitude like they used to have I have to admit that but that is also Canada Immigration not doing their jobs properly plus doing research who will make good Canadians ( concerning in integration ).

Protect the Canadian laws and make sure no religion cant infiltrate them. And give it time for their society to immigrate. But do we need to be always open handed in the world the answer is no.. Besides we have to worry about exceeding population and pollutions as well. Other then that I have many friends of different cultures and they great people.


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