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PictureThe rest of Canada is waking up. Marois xenophobic dance with the secular charter flies in the face of inclusion and of course multicultural so intrinsic in Canadian society. French Quebecers who have had strong Federalist leanings will now start to support her in this effort. She will wave the fear of others and whip Quebec into a paranoid frenzy. She will recall the oppression that Quebec faced under the iron rule of Church, conveniently forgetting the well from which the Church was drawn.

The battle is starting, the PQ has played their hand brilliantly. Bill 14 will become law on the edge of this bizarre dance into a secular whirlwind. The world will look at Quebec, as mad and as ill advised. But in the end this is a well played chess hand, with Marois and her ilk knowing full well the tribal tendencies and ingrained gut reflex about cultural preservation that lies in the souls of the Quebecois.

It is sad, it is unfortunate that Quebec still dances to the same tune that it did while under the domination of the Church. The players are still the same, but the pied pipers have taken off their roman collars, habits and soutanes, now they now don business attire as they strive to manipulate and cajole. Allophones will realize there is little place for them and like their Anglo brothers and sisters before them and get out of dodge.

At one time Montreal was a vital, brilliant city. Built on the backs of the Irish, Scot and French, it was a dynamic, beautiful and magical place. It is now being killed. It will be re-invented but it will have no soul, no energy. Mary Queen of Peace and Norte Dame will become idle museums. The vitality of a multicultural city will go away replaced by a bland and singular culture who will have purposefully erased their history by one of the most odd cases of social engineering ever put into play.

The true enemy in Quebec has always been those who have aspired and attempted to be the elites. Getting there not through success in commerce, or through personal accomplishment but by brandishing that tool that has always seemed to work, the fear of those who are not like you.

You can call it what you want, but in the end its cultural genocide and a pogrom.

Bill Dever
PBTF Member and Blogger
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