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Quebec (THE PROVINCE) is a done deal. As far as what the French “powers that be” want of it, it is A DONE DEAL.

They WILL NEVER accept less and take any steps backwards as far as rights for English in that province.

They want a “utopian land” free from anyone that is not a pure laine, and they are doing everything in their power to make it difficult for anyone else to live in that province and ultimately MAKE THIS DREAM of the French ONLY STATE OF QUEBEC happen.

And, just like a cancer or a gangrenous appendage will kill the host body if not removed. If we foolishly keep “trying” to appease these Xenophobes from this province of Quebec will eventually do the same to Canada.

We MUST cut our losses and ACCEPT THE FACT that they do not want anything to do with the English language, the English people or the English culture.

They have proven that whenever they gain a majority in numbers (the province of Quebec) and Eastern, Ontario outside of the province of Quebec the “prescription” changes from the made up concept of “bilingualism” and turns into French first, French dominant and French ONLY.

Montreal was such a successful city with much manufacturing, numerous head offices, Montreal Stock Exchange and all of the big banking headquarters on St. James St. Look at it now! broken water pipes, sinking roadways, falling pavement on overpasses, contractors giving up their projects, unfinished motorway to “Dorval International Airport”, constant orange cones on just about every routing, the ever-in-repair Mercier bridge and a population which shows such a disdain for anything English be they locals or tourists, policemen, bus drivers, ticket vendors, etc. who think that they are superior because they are French!!!

Agreed. Why are my tax dollars going to support immigrants and their families who have lived here less than 6 years and they are getting more monthly allowance then my parents who have lived and worked here for over 45 years. Yes, I’m an immigrant from that same part of the world that you mentioned but we didn’t get any handouts and had to make our own way in life for at least the first 6 years. We “became Canadian” by shedding our birthplace identity as it was NOT a country that was kind and accommodating to us. We adopted Canada in all our ways,some we knew and already practiced before coming here. All this to say, if you leave your country then you leave your language, your dress, and your politics or at the very least you should NEVER try to recreate your old country within another’s’ country. Go back home if you liked it that much! We left because we wanted something better not because we wanted to change what is here to what he had there.


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